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Crypto. Culture. Community.

Dead Bear aka "totally not a podcast" exists currently as two separate but united products. The DeadBear Live is a bi-weekly hour-long live-show that takes place in the heart of New York's Financial District. Over 100 of our community members gather to talk and discuss all things related to crypto, culture and community. DeadBear Podcast on the other hand touches on some of the intricacies of Web3, but aims to get to know the person behind the pfp. Let's kill this bear market together.


dead bear

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Dead Bear Productions

Dead Bear Productions is a unified front that manages the Dead Bear IP as well as any and all partnerships for either of our current products. We proudly operate out of New York's Largest Web3 hub, Station3 and are prominent members of the NYC crypto scene.

Our audience and outreach continues to grow, as our strategic partnerships strengthen with key figures in the Web3 space. Hosted by our founder Austin aka "Tyrant", these shows prioritize high-quality production and aim to provide engaging, memorable and entertaining experiences.

If you are looking to get involved, we offer many different avenues for participation. Whether you tune in to our podcasts, attend our live-shows in person, or are looking to sponsor our events, we believe we have something that fits everyones needs!


For those interested in participating at the consumer level, please feel free to follow us along this journey at For sponsors and partners, please fill out the form below and contact us for more details and sponsorship packages.

Contact Us Below for Sponsorship Opportunities!

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