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A grassroots collective based in NYC with a dream bigger than ourselves. Cut from the cloth of immigrants who dreamt of a better future for generations to come. Through life's great journey we have become family and hope to soon welcome you, as part of our dream team, DreamNFTeam.


Our Story

Our story starts out with a few of business savvy entrepreneurs who led very different lives, but walked similar paths. Growing up as children of immigrants carried the weight of always having something to prove, an inate desire to succeed. Long hours and tireless work ethic led to Web3 exploration, and with that, the opportunity for success was conceived.

Success. Definition obsolete outside of your own findings. Evolving constantly through the pursuit of wholeness feeding constant growth & a consistent desire to be the best. DreamNFTeam was founded to realize our founder's dream of providing a home and sense of security for an ambitious group of outsiders. Identifying unique traits and talents of their collective pointed our founders in the direction of Web3 & an NFT fulfillment agency, thus DreamNFTeam was born.

Web3 has provided a platform for creatives & analytics to come together as one and through collaboration, introduce an entirely new experience to the world. From marketing experts & professional graphic designers, to software engineers & ambitious entrepreneurs, DreamNFTeam has an incredibly broad coverage, allowing our team to be your best option when pursuing a dream. Let your dream become our dream.

We are DreamNFTeam.

Meet The Dream Team


DreamNFTeam is always looking for fresh perspective and creative genius to add to our collective! We offer contract-based employment, and depending on availability full-time and part-time employment! Send us an email with your resume and little paragraph about yourself and why you would want to work with us, and we will be in touch!


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